• Work-shopping a number of radical ideas
    IF HE has proven anything during the past week, it’s he is a cool, calm, collected and conscious customer. Becoming Harness Racing Victoria’s chief executive last November, Dayle Brown has barely had time to settle into his position before being confronted with arguably the greatest threat the industry has faced.... Read more
    Plastic surgery required after race fall
    TALENTED young reinswoman Shannon O’Sullivan is in high spirits despite remaining in hospital following a race fall in Ouyen last night. O’Sullivan was driving Bettor B Nice in the final event on the card, with the pacer contacting a sulky wheel, losing balance and crashing to the ground just... Read more
    Selfish individual puts entire industry at risk
    ACTIONS of a selfish individual put the entire racing industry at risk during the weekend. Despite the avalanche of information regarding strict regulations put into place to allow harness racing to function during this Coronavirus pandemic, a person put their needs ahead of the code. Working tirelessly to keep... Read more
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