• Lazarus 2020
    garrards 2020
    Alabar – Rock N Roll Heaven
  • Onlookers in awe of electrifying performance
    HIS overall performance was electrifying, but those watching have been left in awe by Ride High’s third quarter around Bendigo tonight. In what was a superlative sectional, Ride High was caught outside the leader before strolling to the front with consummate ease. With reinswoman Kima Frenning simply releasing her... Read more
    Several milestones in one night
    CONCESSION reinsman Kyal Costello had several reasons to celebrate after last night’s Tabcorp Park Melton meeting. The obvious cause for celebration is Costello registered his initial treble thanks to Radical Major, Charisma King and Delightful Jazz. “It was an unbelievable night,” Costello said. “I was rapt to win three... Read more
    Pringle feeling chipper this morning
    IT’S fair to say Bevan Pringle was feeling pretty chipper this morning. Riding the crest of a wave in recent weeks, Pringle registered his maiden double in Newcastle last night. “It’s been a long time coming,” Pringle declared. “I am stoked it finally happened. “I have been in the... Read more
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