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    Alabar – Rock N Roll Heaven
  • Racing Tips
    Another successful raid in the making
    HAVING enjoyed a high rate of success during previous raids, Brent Lilley hopes to continue the trend on the weekend. The Victorian horseman is set to contest the two main events during Saturday night’s Globe Derby meeting – the South Australia Pacing and Trotting Cups. Lilley’s past visits to... Read more
    Special reason to keep Kate from homecoming
    ALWAYS keen to return to home, it has taken something pretty special to prevent Kate Gath from making the trip to Globe Derby during the weekend. Gath and her husband, Andy, have made a point of attending the South Australia Cup program, which is the nation’s premier meeting on... Read more
    4am start – welcome to the life of a trainer!
    “WELCOME to life as a trainer” Anthony Butt declared as he packed gear and loaded a squad onto the truck at 4:30am. Butt is heading over the border with several members of the team he prepares with his partner, Sonya Smith, for Saturday night’s South Australia Cup meeting. Along... Read more
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