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    Much-loved figure inducted into Hall Of Fame
    ON THE strength of Father Brian Glasheen’s induction into the Hall Of Fame, here is an article we featured ahead of the 2019 Inter Dominion.   A PRIEST walks into a Pub…. For most people that’s the beginning of a pun, but for the harness racing faithful, it’s likely... Read more
    Outstanding mare still providing wins 63 years on
    ON THE strength of former champion Angelique being inducted into the Hall Of Fame last night, let’s relive some of the mare’s amazing achievements.   WHEN it came to giving the “old boilers club” an official name the choice was obvious – Angelique. Founded by Judy Cain, Jean Woods,... Read more
    Champion becomes a Legend

    Champion becomes a Legend

    December 13, 2021

    ON THE strength of former champion Gammalite being inducted as a Legend last night, let’s relive some of the stallion’s amazing achievements. Ironically, Gammalite’s new status came on the 43rd anniversary of his maiden win!   A HERO of the 1980s, Gammalite was bred and trained by the late... Read more
    Four specials for Menangle Tuesday afternoon
    ID21: The Last Word – with Ko’cass and Court
    Catching up with a couple of doyens of harness media
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