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    Buy it, try it, be on the sly or pass it by? Buy it, try it, be on the sly or pass it by?

    JOHN WAYNE with his trusty white socks and faced ride

    “ONE white foot, buy it; Two white feet, try it; Three white feet, be on the sly; Four white feet, pass it by!” –... Buy it, try it, be on the sly or pass it by?
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    “ONE white foot, buy it; Two white feet, try it; Three white feet, be on the sly; Four white feet, pass it by!” – Mattie Ross, True Grit


    IT’S that time of the year when the biggest ‘page turner’ within the industry is the Australian Pacing Gold catalogue.

    With close to 700 pages, the catalogue is crammed with exceptionally-bred yearlings, future stars and bargain buys.

    Each reader will have their eye on a potential purchase, with the selected colt or filly to be chosen for various reasons.

    Towards the top of the selection – or elimination – process is breeding.

    The possible new stable acquisition could be a brother to Popular Alm, half-sister to Argent and so on!

    But we all know that is no guarantee of a star.

    As the late award-winning media man Bob Cain would say “Dawn Fraser’s brother drowned” when discussing relatives to the top pacers and trotters.

    Then there is conformation, the way the youngster moves, its temperament and even alertness – factors power couple Emma Stewart and Clayton Tonkin take into consideration each year.

    Following last year’s random selection – based on this journalist’s liking for horses with white markings – here is round two of ‘stock with socks’ being readied for the upcoming APG Sales – which begin in Brisbane on Sunday.

    No breeding or conformation was taken into consideration, with each featured lot catching the eye purely on ‘movie star’ looks thanks to their appealing white feet or face – you know, like the majority of John Wayne’s horses.

    Oh, and for the record, it was a horse with four white feet which help save Mattie’s life!


    APG LOT 36

    Brisbane Sale Lot 36 – Rock N Roll Heaven X Shesgotemgood:   Half-sister to 2017 QBred Triad Gr.2 winner CLINTAL DO p,4,1:54.6-‘17 ($129,836), HEREIAM (M) p,4,1:56.1 ($51,575). Out of SHESGOTEMGOOD p,3,1:59.3; sister to JOHNS INTEREST p,1:58.6; half-sister to BLACK
    INA FLASH (M) p,1:58.4, etc. Second dam a sister to THE RED TERROR p,1:57.6 ($161,802); half-sister to VANISON p,1:58.9 ($72,269), THE RAVENITE p,1:56.5 ($60,322), BEAUTY SALON p,T1:58.7 ($48,718; dam of MAKE OVER MAGIC p,1:59.4) and to the dams of SANTOS HANOVER p,1:59.1 ($31,346), HYPERMACH p,1:58.4, Terris Falcon p,2:00.3 ($34,817), etc.

    APG LOT 74

    Melbourne Sale Lot 74 – Artspeak X More Than Alright:  Second foal of MORE THAN ALRIGHT p,1:56.8 ($41,067); half-sister to VISTA BELLA (M) p,3,1:57.9 ($110,021; dam of PERSPECTIVE p,4,1:53.2 – $105,311, AT FIRST SIGHT (M) p,4,1:56.7-’17, ill-fated VIEWPOINT p,2,1:58.8), etc. Second dam OUT OF SIGHT USA p,3,1:52.2 ($200,142); half-sister to world champion VOELZ HANOVER (M) p,1:49.2 ($1,690,543), NORTHERN SUN p,1:50.1 ($571,206), VERBATIM HANOVER p,3,1:51.2 ($203,706), VARSITY HANOVER p,3,1:52f ($162,440), etc. and to the dams of FIREYOURGUNS p,1:47.3 ($402,886), VOOMORBANG (M) p,3,1:51.1-’18 ($347,825), VOOMERANG p,3,1:50.2 ($328,050), PLANET ROCK p,4,1:51.3f-’18 ($300,323), RACE ME VALERIE (M) p,1:51.3 ($221,143), etc.

    APG LOT 86

    Melbourne Sale Lot 86 – Somebeachsomewhere X Our Santa Catalina:   Second foal of (OUR) SANTA CATALINA (M) p,3,1:55.6 ($79,060); half-sister to PRIVATE JOKE (M) p,3,1:52.1 ($153,625), RAGING BULL p,3,1:56.6 ($115,581), SAN RAFAELLA (M) p,1:52.3 ($76,605), HILLTOP SOPHIA (M) p,4,1:59.3 ($82,755), . THISBEACHRIGHTHERE p,2,1:54.8 ($61,569), etc. Second dam SAN SOPHIA USA p,2,T1:52.6 ($91,481); sister to USTA “3YO” and “4YO Pacing Mare of the Years” GALLERIA (M) p,4,1:49.1 ($1,814,453; dam of GALLIE BYTHE BEACH p,3,1:49 -$749,898, WESTERN GALLIE (M) p,3,1:51.2 -$322,615, etc.; grandam of Little Brown Jug winner FILIBUSTER HANOVER p,4,1:48.3f-’18 -$1,488,730, FERNANDO HANOVER p,3,1:51.3f -$303,322,), NATIONAL GALLERY (M) p,3,1:53.2 (dam of LORRIE PLEASE (M) p,1:50.2f – $558,774, SMITHSONIAN p,1:49 -$449,526; grandam of TRACEUR HANOVER p,4,1:49.2 -$793,629), etc.

    APG LOT 167

    Melbourne Sale Lot 167 – Bettor’s Delight X Artistic Dash:   Half-sister to Breeders Crown Gr.1, NSW Challenge Gr.1 winner ROCK OF AMERICA p,4,1:51.4 ($161,790), MELANNA BEACH (M) p,3,1:55.4, YOUROCKANNA (M) p,3,1:56.7-’17, etc. Out of Artistic Dash NZ p,2,2:01.3; half-sister to HOT TO ROCK p,1:55 ($58,918), CAMBO p,1:58.5 ($49,985), ELECTRIFYING CULLEN (M) p,4,1:57.2 ($44,555), LYNNE FALCON (M) p,4,1:59.4 ($41,457; dam of MILLWOOD NEBRASKA (M) p,1:56.6 – $72,316, PICOBELLO (M) p,1:52.3 -$73,195) and dam of WATCH ME DASH p,1:57.7 ($44,433), etc.. Second dam ELECTRIFYING FRANCO p,3,1:59.8 ($60,334); half-sister to EASY DASH p,1:50.4 ($122,230), etc., to the dams of (THE) EXPRESS WAY p,1:57.5 ($78,329), CRAZY GOOD p,3,1:55.9 ($72,352), etc. and grandam of EXTREME BROMAC p,1:57.1 ($92,812); sister to FRANCO ELECT p,1:59f ($133,256), ELUSIVE FRANCO p,1:55, etc.

    APG LOT 233

    Melbourne Sale Lot 233 – American Ideal X Im Elsa:   First foal of (IM) ELSA NZ p,1:56.2 ($112,754); half-sister to NZ Sires Final Gr.1 winner DEMOCRAT PARTY p,3,1:54.9 ($254,688). Second dam Queen of the Pacific Gr.2 winner and NZ Premier Mares Championship Gr.2 winner, CHAMPAGNE PARTY p,1:56.3 ($152,445); half-sister to AG Hunter Cup Gr.1, Fremantle Cup Gr.1 winner ANOTHER PARTY p,1:56.3 ($888,678), NZ “2YO Filly of the Year” PARTY PARTY p,1:53 ($251,326; dam of HOSS CARTWRIGHT p,1:51.3 -$252,878; grandam of COWGIRLS N INDIANS (M) p,2,1:56 -$375,723) , etc.


    APG LOT 5

    Brisbane Sale Lot 5 – Western Terror X Billabong Girl:   Half-brother to Cinder Path (M) p,4,2:00.8. Out of George Johnson S. Gr.2 winner BILLABONG GIRL p,1:55.8 ($143,616); half-sister to EXTREME DESIRE p,1:59.5. Second dam Princess Jodie p,4,2:07.3; half-sister to MOONLIGHT ROCKHOLE p,1:57.7 ($129,603), MANU MAGIC p,1:59.8 ($89,986) and to the dam of LOMBO APOLLO p,1:59.6 ($78,952). Third dam WA Diamond Classic Gr.1 winner GOLD DUCHESS p,2,2:00.9 ($116,920); half-sister to the dam of MACHINEGUN MOLLY (M) p,3,1:58.2 ($101,375), etc. and grandam of KARLOO MAC p,1:55.2 ($119,786), BRICK TOP p,1:53.4 ($109,028), MISTER ONETWO p,1:53.9 ($109,850)

    APG LOT 41

    Brisbane Sale Lot 41 – Sunshine Beach X Teamenup:   First foal of Teamenup p,2:00.2; three-quarter sister to TIGHTROPE p,1:53.6 ($197,462); half-sister to SOMEDREAMSOMEWHERE (M) p,3,1:56.6 ($74,957) and to the dam of REAL ELEGANCE (M) p,3,1:57.5 ($37,685), AN ALLIANCE p,4,1:58.6-’17, etc. Second dam a half-sister to SKY TOWER p,1:58.5 ($241,236), NIGHTN GEORGIA p,4,2:00.4 ($116,605; dam of 2 & 3YO Vicbred Finals Gr.1 winner ROCKNROLLA (M) p,3,1:57.1 -$287,351, SOHO EROS p,1:59 -$73,749), KASEY JOHN p,4,1:56.3 ($99,717), JASMIN AMAL (M) p,3.1:55 ($83,108), SHOWER OF ROSES (M) p,4,1:58.2 (dam of REIGN OF FEAR p,1:53.2 -$127,525, REIGN OF PAIN p,1:55.3 -$110,172), etc., to the dam of ARRIENS p,4,1:57.5 ($72,078),

    APG LOT 114

    Melbourne Sale Lot 114 – Bettor’s Delight X Rye Hanover:   Half-brother to BLAZIN N CULLEN p,1:50.8-‘17 ($523,007), ROCKIN ROLL LAD p,4,1:58.9 ($64,761) and to the dam of BIG TREAT p,1:54.4 ($75,245), etc. Out of RYE HANOVER USA p,2,1:58.3; three-quarter sister to USTA &
    Canadian “3YO” and USTA “Horse of the Year” ROCKNROLL HANOVER p,3,1:48.3 ($2,615,555); half-sister to Dan Patch winner ROYALFLUSH HANOVER p,4,1:49.3 ($2,153,893); three-quarter sister to Canadian “2YO of the Year” RUSTLER HANOVER p,3,1:51 ($971,638), Nth. America Cup winner RED RIVER HANOVER p,3,1:48.4 ($965,426), Canadian “2YO Pacer of the Year” RICHESS HANOVER p,2,1:53 ($557,537), etc.


    APG LOT 154

    Melbourne Sale Lot 154 – Art Major X Ultimate CC:   Third foal of ULTIMATE CC NZ p,4,1:57.4 ($35,203); three-quarter sister to TIME FLIES p,1:52.1 ($417,899; dam of MY WHISKEY LULLABY (M) p,1:51.7 -$74,505, THE GOLDEN CROSS p,1:51.2-’17 -$66,523, etc.; grandam of DAME PUISSANT (M) p,3,1:56.2 -$104,269), ULTIMATE PURSUIT p,4,1:51.3 ($362,354) and to the dam of FLOYD MAYWEATHER p,1:53 ($326,492), SUMMIT SPECIAL p,4,1:52.1-‘18; half-sister to NOBLE STRIKE (M) p,4,1:56.4h ($98,931; dam of STRIKE ON COMMAND p,1:57.1 -$79,536), (FULLON) BOUNDARY ROW p,1:53.7 ($51,498) and to the dams of GOLIATH STRIDE p,3,1:55.7-’17, ROYAL IMPRESSION (M) p,4,1:56.9, etc.; sister to POMME ROY p,3,1:57.9 ($39,089), etc. Second dam, T K Swift p,2,2:05.7; half-sister to SLYBYE p,1:52.4 ($221,236) and to the dam of FLAK JACKET p,1:54f ($156,922), ALGRANGO UNDERFIRE p,1:55.4 ($93,886); sister to EL CABALLERO p,1:54.2f ($108,064), Timaru Cup winner CEE EYE BEE p,4,2:01.7 ($52,550), etc.

    APG LOT 247

    Melbourne Sale Lot 247 – Four Starzzz Shark X Keepers Daughter:   Half-brother to ART KEEPER p,1:56.9-‘17 ($100,770), JUSTICE SERVED p,3,1:55.8-’17 ($25,160). Fourth foal of Keepers Daughter (M) p,3,2:01.7 ($35,338); half-sister to SOHO HIGHROLLER p,1:51.4 ($187,531), SOHO TOKYO p,1:54.2 ($176,316), SOHO LEVIATHAN p,4,1:54.9-’17 ($78,042), etc. Second dam Australian Gold Gr.1 winner PELICANRAMA (M) p,1:53.4 ($730,271); sister to MUSTANG FIGHTER p,1:57.8 ($292,566), PUNKORAMA p,1:59.4 and to the dam of ONE STEP CLOSER p,1:58.3 ($39,016); half-sister to the dam of JONARK BOY p,1:59.3 ($65,136), SAFELY EMBRACE (M) p,1:59.8 and grandam of JONARK MAY p,1:59.4, etc. Third dam a half-sister to BAG LIMIT p,1:56.8 ($794,995), KEVAL p,2:00.1 ($110,742), etc.


    APG LOT 6

    Brisbane Sale Lot 6 – Roll With Joe X Blue Eyes Suzie:   First foal of BLUE EYED SUZIE NZ p,1:56.3. Second dam a half-sister to (LETS) RIDE THE TIDE p,1:56.7 ($53,926) and dam of PRINCESS McARDLE (M) p,1:52.1f ($127,228). Third dam a half-sister to “3YO of the Year” BRAD ADIOS p,2:00.1 ($181,524), NSW Ladyship Gr.1 winner TUAPEKA STAR (M) p,3,1:59 ($136,347; dam of NZ “Horse of the Year” IRAKLIS p,1:54.2 -$1,019,042, BLUE AND ROYAL p,1:51.6 -$235,856, BRAESIDE SEEL STAR p,4,1:58.7 -$169,541; grandam of NZ “3YO Pacer of the Year” LAVROS STAR p, 1:50 -$558,313, EROTAS p,1:53.2 -$185,059, WHENACOA p,1:58.8 -$152,292), etc. and grandam of MALOSI p,1:51.2 ($531,129), etc.

    APG LOT 117

    Melbourne Sale Lot 117 – He’s Watching X Serene Angel:   Half-sister to ROCKNROLL ANGEL (M) p,1:51.7-‘17 ($70,680), CARLAS ANGEL (M) p,3,1:57.5, BABY LUV (M) p,3,1:59.7-‘17. Out of SERENE ANGEL p,1:56.3 ($72,633); half-sister to RIVER WILD p,1:59.6 ($127,884), SMILING SERENE (M) p,4,1:59.2 ($30,309), etc. Second dam a half-sister to Albion Park FFA winner FASTNFURIOUS p,1:54.7 ($164,275), PAULY ARMBRO p,1:59.4 $103,361), BEATIE BOY p,1:59.9 ($83,110), Anniewinalot (M) p,2:00.3 ($75,698; dam of DEEINNOCENT-WON (M) p,1:56.8 -$35,745), Shes Ezy (M) p,2,2:02 (dam of SERENE MAJOR p,1:56.6 – $111,652, SHEZ SERENE (M) p,1:57.4 -$44,653, SERENE JASPER p,3,1:58.2), etc.

    APG LOT 130

    Melbourne Sale Lot 130 – American Ideal X Tamara Hall:   Sister to NSW Derby Gr.1 winner IDEAL FOR REAL p,4,1:54.4 ($324,600). Out of imported Tamara Hall USA; half-sister to BJ’S WHIRLWIND p,1:49.1 ($954,463), THE GLOBE p,1:50.3f ($767,722), BJ’S BREEZE p,1:51.2f ($506,556), TERRI HALL (M) p,3,1:51.3 ($154,200; dam of BRISTOL BAY p,4,1:50.2f -$152,968), SENSATIONALIST p,1:52f ($163,354), etc. and to the dams of UPFRONT COUNTRYBOY p,3,1:51.1f ($419,520), VC ASTEROID (M) p,1:52.4f ($235,091), THAT’S IDEAL p,1:51.3 ($229,397), C C’s MUNCHKIN (M) p,1:53f ($200,200). Third dam Canadian “2YO Pacer of the Year” TABLOID p,3,1:53.3 ($321,604); half-sister to LITTLE BLACK BOOK (M) p,1:54h ($288,457; dam of SIOUS DAWN p,3,1:50.2 ($348,926), CATCH A WISH p,,4,1:52.2 ($227,044), etc. and grandam of MINESWEEPER (M) p,3,1:50.4 ($268,424), etc.; sister to the dam of ARMBRO CAYENNE p,4,1:51.3 ($532,222), SWASHBUCKLER p,4,1:51.1 ($271,401), etc.

    APG LOT 189

    Melbourne Sale Lot 189 – Bettor’s Delight X Breeze In Bronski:   Half-brother to HEAVENS HURRICANE p,3,1:56.8-’17. Third foal of BREEZE ON BRONSKI p,4,1:56.8 ($47,397); half-sister to Qld. Breeders S. Gr.3 winner ADMIRAL BRONSKI p,1:51.6-‘17 ($236,249), BRIGADIER BRONSKI
    p,4,1:54.9 ($210,480), Qld. Triad Gr.2 winner GENERAL BRONSKI p,1:53.7 ($160,729) , MAJOR BRONSKI p,3,1:56.2 ($94,279), PRIVATE BRONSKI p,4,1:55, SOMEBRONSKISOMEWHERE p,3,1:54.4, etc.

    APG LOT 220

    Melbourne Sale Lot 220 – Roll With Jo X Gorgeous Guest:   Half-brother to REGAL GESTURE p,3,1:59.4. Third living foal of Gorgeous Guest NZ p,4,2:02.3; half-sister to the dams of US Burlington S. winner VILLAGE HERO p,3,1:50.3 ($303,902) HES MY HERO p,1:54.3 ($222,293), CHARLEYS DREAM p,1:56.4 ($189,143), COPENHAGEN p,1:55.4 ($67,944), SOKY’S RAGE p,3,1:57.4 ($73,373), CUP OF LIFE p,1:57.6 ($55,572), etc. and to the grand dams of OUTRAGEOUSDELIGHT (M) p,1:53.4 ($180,589), OVERLAP p,1:53.8 ($1210,215), ARTESIAN BOY p,1:55.9 ($133,659), etc. Third dam, New Zealand 2YO & 3YO “Pacer of the Year”, HILARIOUS GUEST p,4,1:57.2 ($285,380).


    APG LOT 32

    Brisbane Sale Lot 32 – Roll With Joe X Save Me Christian:   Half-sister to FORTYEIGHTHENSON p,3,1:54.5 ($77,275), etc. Out of SAVE ME CHRISTIAN (M) p,4,1:57 ($42,862); half-sister to MISS GALVINATOR p,1:50.3 ($1,148,446; dam of WESTERNATOR p,2,1:56.4 -$88,748), Australian “3YO Filly of the Year”, Australian Gold Gr.1, Breeders Crown Gr.1 winner FLEUR DE LIL (M) p,1:51.4 ($1,041,636; dam of EFFRONTE p,1:51.7-’17 -$104,945, LOVE MY SISTER (M) p,3,1:56.9-’17 -$79,905), OUR GALVINATOR p,1:51.2 ($643,243), EPAULETTE p,1:50.6-‘17 ($246,970), etc. and to the dam of AMERICAN ZEST p,3,1:58.6-’17, etc.


    APG LOT 200

    Melbourne Sale Lot 200 – A Rocknroll Dance X Confetti:   Half-sister to DEAREST (M) p,4,1:58.3-’17 ($34,845). Third foal of 100% producer Confetti (M) p,3,2:02.6; half-sister to BALCONY (M) p,1:59.9 and to the dam of WHATA ESCAPE p,1:55.3 ($94,384), etc. Second dam a three-quarter sister to BOULEVARD p,1:59.4 ($98,497) and to the dam of DOCTOR EVIL p,1:58.1 ($60,245), etc.; half-sister to Vic. Sires S. Final Gr.1 winner FRAGRANCE p,2:01.2 (dam of I LIKE IT p,1:58 -$82,401; grandam of SMARTY ARTY p,1:57.6 -$111,941, DANGER MOUSE p,1:56.9 -$96,285, LOCKTON LOADED (M) p,1:57.4 – $89,081, VILLAGE GLOW (M) p,2:00 -$79,828), etc., to the dam of HOO NIEN p,4,1:53.4 ($115,810), WINTERFEEL p,4,1:57.2 ($71,203), etc. and grandams of HERMOINE (M) p,1:57.6 ($89,304), SATISFIED GRIN p,1:57.3 ($67,357), etc. Third dam a half-sister to the dam of 1994 “Harness Horse of the Year” WEONA WARRIOR p,1:57.4 ($534,603), WEONA CHIEF p,1:56.9 ($302,451), WEONA BRAVE p,1:58.4 ($181,431), etc.

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