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    Is your next star among these Lots? Is your next star among these Lots?

    HIGHEST-PRICED filly at APG's Brisbane Sale last month

    “ONE white foot, buy it; Two white feet, try it; Three white feet, be on the sly; Four white feet, pass it by!” –... Is your next star among these Lots?

    “ONE white foot, buy it; Two white feet, try it; Three white feet, be on the sly; Four white feet, pass it by!” – Mattie Ross, True Grit


    FOLLOWING last month’s article regarding yearlings in the Australian Pacing Gold Sale with white socks, quite a number of readers pointed out the stock listed only included entries in the Brisbane and Melbourne ‘legs’.

    The simple reason for this is photos for the remaining sales had not been submitted before the publishing deadline, which was timed to feature the opening sales.

    With APG to host its Sydney Sale on Sunday – the morning after the super Miracle Mile program at Tabcorp Park Menangle – it’s time to continue the focus on white socks.

    A limited number of photos relating to the Perth Sale, due to be conducted on March 10, have been submitted, with some of those also featured.

    As for the previous Sales, it is interesting to note four socks didn’t deter champion horseman Tim Butt from purchasing the highest-priced filly in Brisbane.

    Let’s not forget a special mention to the breeders of Lot 349 – a filly by A Rocknroll Dance from La Bella Rufus, which is a sister to former top pacer Young Rufus.

    During their social media promotion they noted she has “one white foot….buy her”!

    So, based on this journalist’s liking for horses with white markings – here is part two of ‘stock with socks’.

    No breeding or conformation was taken into consideration, with each featured Lot catching the eye purely on ‘movie star’ looks thanks to their appealing white feet or face – you know, like the majority of John Wayne’s horses.

    Oh, and for the record, it was a horse with four white feet which help save Mattie’s life!




    APG Sydney Lot 315

    Sydney Sale Lot 315 Colt – Bettors Delight X Freedom Is:   First foal of NSW Red Ochre Gr.3 winner FREEDOM IS (M) p,4,1:53.7 ($165,265); sister to Horsham Gr.2, Maryborough and Yarra Valley Cups winner (GLENFERRIE) ALEXIS (M) p,1:55.9 ($288,323; dam of HEZATOFF p,4,1:54.3-’17 -$45,345), (IM) ALEX p,1:54.8 ($151,101), DU VELLA (M) p,4,1:52.2 ($132,551), JACKAROOZY p,1:56.1 ($112,759), ALEXY (M) p,1:56.8 ($68,646); half-sister to JAMES DEAN p,4,1:59.2-’17 ($55,030), etc. Second dam a sister to MAC DE STROYER p,1:49.8 ($258,752); half-sister to IL INFORMED (M) p,1:58.3 ($80,424; dam of HICKSTEAD p,3,1:57.7 -$112,774), to the dam of JAG COURAGE (M) p,3,1:58.5, etc.

    APG Sydney Lot 349

    Sydney Sale Lot 349 Filly – A Rocknroll Dance x La Bella Rufus:   Half-sister to JIGGY RHYTHM (M) p,2,1:58.1 ($44,463), THE MAJOR LEAGUE p,4,1:59.6, LA BELLA FLAME (M) p,4,1:58.5, MERCURIAN p,4,1:58, etc. Out of La Bella Rufus NZ; sister to 2002 and 2003 NZ “Pacer of the
    Year”, Victoria Cup Gr.1 winner YOUNG RUFUS p,1:54.8 ($1,082,692), CAPTAIN RUFUS p,1:57.9 ($230,058); half-sister to HURRICANE RUFUS p,4,1:56.8 ($128,081). Fourth dam a sister to the grandam of HANOVER KNIGHT p,14.4 ($577,816), EGMONT AIR p,1:57.8 ($150,308), McRANDLE p,1:59.5 ($156,624), etc.


    APG Sydney Lot 356

    Sydney Sale Lot 356 Colt – Bettors Delight x Libertybelle Midfrew:   Second foal of NZ Sales Classic Gr.1, WA Golden Nugget Gr.1 winner LIBERTYBELLE MIDFREW p,4,1:53.9 ($640,497); half-sister to LULLI MIDFREW (M) p,1:56.8 ($35,237; dam of LUISANABELLE MIDFREW p,1:52.2 – $225,107, LETSGOTOTHEHOP p,1:52.5-‘17), LOVES ME LIKE A ROCK p,3,1:58.8 and to the dam of EYRE CRUSHER p,1:55.7 ($127,123). Second dam, NZ Greymouth Cup winner LUCINDA MIDFREW p,1:56.9 ($52,599); half-sister to FALCONS BROMAC p,3,1:59.1, etc.

    APG Sydney Lot 421


    Sydney Sale Lot 421 Colt – A Rocknroll Dance x Shes So Sassy:   Half-brother to ROCKINFEELGOOD (M) p,3,2:00-’17. Fourth living foal of Shes So Sassy; half-sister to Breeders Crown Gr.1, NSW Ladyship Gr.1 winner SASSY SARAH (M) p,3,1:56.8 ($445,866; dam of BORN AGAIN SASSY (M) p,1:55 -$128,811), BALLY HOOLEY p,1:57 ($47,608), ill-fated GEARALDINO p,2,1:57.4, etc. and dam of PAS MATE p,1:58.2 ($34,789) and grandam of NALLAS NIKOLAY p,4,1:55 ($37,528); sister to the dam of TRUE STRIDE p,3,1:56.4, etc. Second dam Tasmanian Oaks Gr.1 winner SASSY GINA p,2,2:01.8; half-sister to OMBUDSMAN p,1:57.8 ($54,280), SHELBY CRUZIN p,1:55.8 ($54,245), Elysees Elle (M) p,3,2:01.4 ($47,604; dam of POWERFUL TYCOON p,1:58 -$53,791, HOOZA CLEVA BUNTS p,4,1:58), etc.

    APG Perth Lot 568

    Perth Sale Lot 568 Colt – A Rocknroll Dance x Shes So Sassy:   Fourth foal of LUCK HAS IT p,4,1:56.7 ($81,411); half-sister to TICKET TO NOWHERE (M p,1:56.5 ($77,329). Third dam a half-sister to Western Gateway Gr.2 winner COUNT OF GOLD p,1:58.2 ($107,070), WA Sales Classic Gr.2 winner APHRODITE GOLD (M) p,2,2:00.7 ($97,632) and to the dam of MYSTICAL MOVER p,1:58.7 ($64,248), CULTURED p,2:00 ($57,082), etc. Fourth dam a half-sister to WA Bunbury Cup Gr.2, Fremantle Mile Gr.2 winner RARE CHIEF p,2:01.1, WA Pinjarra Cup Gr.3 winner ARTISAN p,2:02.3 and to the dam of WEKIN GLENFERN p,2:00, etc.


    APG Sydney Lot 336

    Sydney Sale Lot 336 Colt – Western Terror X Im Tondelayo:   First foal of IM TONDELEYO (M) p,1:52.4 ($116,535); half-sister to the dam of Vicbred Platinum Final Gr.2 winner SPINNERS BOY p,3,1:56.6 ($63,332). Second dam 100% producer KARAMEA MINETTA (M) p,1:59.5 ($25,503); half-sister to KARAMEA DREAMIN p,1:59.3 ($37,471; dam of ZIBIBBO (M) p,4,1:52.9 -$115,188, MISS DREAMIN (M) p,4,1:54.3 -$53,703, SAUCY DREAMS (M) ,3,1:59.5-’17 -$41,413), etc. Third dam a half-sister to WOOFFER KARAMEA p,1:56.3 ($103,190), to the dams of SON OF PARIEL p,1:56.9 ($68,171), CAPTAIN RUTHLESS p,1:56.9 ($50,534), MINNIE PARIEL (M) p,1:59.6 ($45,182), etc. and grandam of RUTHLESS AND MORE p,4,1:57.7, etc.; sister to the dam of HENCHMAN p,1:56.6 ($217,191), JACKDYLAN p,1:59.5 ($74,910), etc.

    APG Sydney Lot 381

    Sydney Sale Lot 381 Colt – Rocknroll Hanover X Northern Courage:   Three-quarter brother to STEINMAN p,3,1:58.4-’17; Third foal of Northern Courage NZ; sister to NZ FFA Gr.1 winner PEMBROOK BENNY p,1:53.6 ($907,890), HOLME FIRE (M) p,3,1:58.8 ($69,484); half-sister to Goffin Memorial winner PEMBROOK CAESAR p,1:53 ($77,432); Leonard Memorial Gr.3 winner NORTHERN VELOCITY (M) p,4,1:56.6 ($188,264), Vic. Gold Chalice winner SPARKLING TACHYON (M) p,4,1:55.5-‘17 ($47,377), etc. Second dam a half-sister to FRANCO NATURAL p,1:52.6 ($238,171), etc. and to the dams of UNIVERSAL DREAM p,1:50 ($282,309), EH EF EL p,1:51.5-’17 ($99,622), etc.

    APG Perth Lot 502

    Perth Sale Lot 502 Colt – Art Major x Where Dreams Grow:   First foal of WHERE DREAMS GROW (M) p,1:54.7 ($103,800); half-sister to RABCHENKO p,4,1:55.2 ($110,505), etc. Second dam a half-sister to Bucking Beauty (M) p,2,2:00.1 – $30,075; dam of CHARLIE EL p,3,1:57.9 – $77,798). Third dam a half-sister to THE BIG PICTURE p,1:54.8 ($102,522). Fourth dam a half-sister to WA Country Derby winner LOMBO ILYUSHIN p,1:58.6 ($78,158).Sixth dam a half-sister to WA Golden Slipper Gr.1, WA Derby Gr.1 winner VIA VISTA (M) p,T1:56.1 ($169,727; dam of MILLION DOLLAR BABY p,1:55.8 -$108,519), NZ “Aged Trotting Mare of the Year” VIA VOLARE (M) 2:00.3 ($53,385), etc., to the dam of VENETIAN ATOM p,1:59.7 ($122,167) and grandam of VON SOKY p,1:55.4 ($207,548), etc.

    APG Perth Lot 573

    Perth Sale Lot 573 Colt – Art Major x Not Now Delilah:   First foal of Not Now Delilah; half-sister to Western Gateway Gr.2 winner JAMBO OPERATOR p,1:57 ($313,175), WA Sales Classic Gr.2, WA Sires S. Final Gr.2 winner GETAWAY PLAN p,2,1:58 ($135,549), AQUEENSOMEWHERE (M) p,3,1:57.3 ($44,768) and to the dam of STAR ARMBRO p,1:57.9-‘17 ($47,030); sister to AMERICAN INGOT p,4,1:59.1 ($38,826). Second dam WA “Broodmare of the Year” Queen Delilah p,2,2:01.1 ($66,421); half-sister to the grandam of FAIRLY POWERFUL p,1:57.5 ($55,247). Third dam WA Mares Sprint winner DAINTY DELILAH p,1:57.6. Fourth dam a half-sister to the noted racemare WA Cup Gr.1, Fremantle Cup Gr.1 winner DAINTYS DAUGHTER (M) p,1:58.8 ($79,120; dam of DAINTYS DEVIL p,1:59.1 -$70,895; grandam of DOUBLE WIPE p,3,1:59 -$241,296), etc.


    APG Sydney Lot 320

    Sydney Sale Lot 320 Filly – American Ideal X Glenferrie Inn:   Half-sister to GLENFERRIE BLADE (M) p,1:54.7 ($138,865), SIMILAN BEACH p,3,1:57.8-’17 ($39,083). Out of Glenferrie Inn (M) p,3,2:00.5 ($53,505); half-sister to GLENFERRIE PARK p,3,1:58.9, Glenferrie Miss p,2,2:01.9 ($28,245; dam of GLENFERRIE COLLEGE p,1:53.6 -$84,793, SWAP ME p,2,2:00); etc. Second dam, 100% producer INNOCENT FRANCO p,1:58.4 ($46,285); sister to INDIGO FRANCO (M) p,1:54.1 ($75,279); halfsister to I OWNA FRANCO p,4,T1:58.2 (dam of BUNDA CLIFFS p,2:01 -$71,446; grandam of HIGH ROLLINGp,1:52 –‘18 -$89,648, BILLION SMILES (M) p,1:58), etc. and to the grandam of Breeders Crown Gr.1, NZ Emerald Gr.1, 2017 NSW & NZ GN Oaks Gr.1 winner PARTYON (M) p,3,1:51.3 ($638,261), etc.

    APG Sydney Lot 484

    Sydney Sale Lot 484 Colt – Warrawee Needy X Boldandbeautiful:   Half-brother to NSW Challenge Gr.1 winner ITS ONLY ROCKNROLL p,1:53.2 ($330,032), Vic. Gold Chalice winner MORGAN ABBY (M) p,3,1:55.7 ($118,050; dam of SUPREME STRIDE p,4,1:55.6), LYNNIEMACH (M) p,4,2:00-’17 ($65,888). Out of BOLDANDBEAUTIFUL (M) p,4,1:59.2; half-sister to GOLD KING p,1:58.4 ($216,186) SERENE STAR (M) p,4,1:57.8 ($77,227), and to the dams of Bathurst Gold Crown Gr.1 winners CHARIOT KING p,1:51.3 ($643,305) and EMJAYEM GRAND p,1:49.6 ($438,881), DUEL PRINCE p,1:57 ($163,902) and grandam of HERE FOR THE MONEY p,3,1:57.9 ($81,874), JEWEL CASTLE (M) p,3,1:57.2 ($75,327), etc.

    APG Perth Lot 587

    Perth Sale Lot 587 Colt – American Ideal x Rich Life:   Half-brother to NOUVEAU RICHE (M) p,2,1:57.2. Fourth foal, first colt, of Rich Life p,2,2:02.8 ($36,358); half-sister to CLASSY AND SMART (M) p,1:56.9 ($104,828; dam of ATLASTALONE p,1:55.5 -$201,147, REMINDER CALL p,1:54.8 -$76,315), BARROCHELLI p,1:58.1 ($85,971), etc. Second dam RICH AND RACY (M) p,1:58.4; half-sister to ELITE ARMBRO p,1:58.9 ($35,300), ELITE CONQUEST p,1:59, etc., to the dam of Narrogin Cup Gr.3 winner SON OF FERGIE p,1:53.2 ($376,765), ELITE ANGEL p,1:56.7 ($128,702), IOCOCCA p,3,1:57.6 ($32,876), etc. and to the dam of ALLIED VICTORY p,1:57.6. Third dam a half-sister to CAVALIERE SERVENTE p,1:57.3 ($186,284), SOSSY p,2:00.5 ($149,465), to the dam of BASHFUL COMPTON p,2:00.5 ($107,327) and grandam of PIEREZ p,1:51.2 ($333,886), FERRARI SENA (M) p,1:50.1 ($203,584), NEW YORK TOWN p,1:51.4f ($115,981).


    APG Sydney Lot 316

    Sydney Sale Lot 316 Filly – Mach Three X Fususi:   Half-sister to Night Dancin p,2:00.6. Out of Tatlow Memorial Gr.2 winner FUSUSI (M) p,3,1:59.2 ($180,305); halfsister to Bathurst Gold Tiara Gr.1, Australian Oaks Gr.1 winner SHAKE IT MAMA (M) p,1:54.7 ($257,588; dam of MAMAS NEW DUDE p,2,1:57.9-‘17), PYRITES (M) p,1:57.9 ($59,008; dam of Breeders Crown consolation Gr.3 winner BETTOR BE GOLD p,3,1:52.8 -$66,790, GOLDEN YEAR p,4,1:56.6-’18, TESS FINNEGAN (M) p,4,1:58.3), etc. Second dam Gold Sarn p,2:03.7; half-sister to MUMAS LITTLE GIRL (M) p,1:59.9 ($39,050; dam of Tasmanian Oaks Gr.1, Loddon Valley Classic winner LADY OCTAVIA (M) p,1:57.2 -$128,724, THE PROTECTOR p,1:57 -$89,912, THE EIGER p,1:57.6; grandam of TOORAM LAD p,2,1:57.1), etc.

    APG Sydney Lot 354

    Sydney Sale Lot 354 Filly – Sweet Lou X La Litote:   Half-sister to NSW Carousel Gr.2 winner HEZ A DUDE p,1:49.8-‘18 ($201,673), TURBOTUFFTALK p,4,1:58.4. Out of La Litote p,2:03.9; half-sister to LIVINGISFUN p,1:58.8 ($48,153), MA KOO LOO HAMBO p,3,1:56.5, MAHKARLOO LASARUS p,4,1:59.2, etc. Second dam a half-sister to ARCHIE GRAHAM p,2,1:59.3, etc. Third dam SHEZA LOBELL (M) p,2:02.7; half-sister to Tommy Pepper p,3,2:00.6 and to the dam of BROKEN SPOKE p,1:57.3 ($91,143); sister to Eradicator p,2:01.4 ($62,305) and to the dam of EXPLOSIVE ATOM p,1:58.6 ($98,889). Fourth dam Sheza Haze p,3,2:05.4; half-sister to PERFECT DOUBLE p,3,2:01; sister to the dam of MISTY WARRIOR p,2,1:57.4, and grandam of MISTY PLAINS p,1:56.9 ($158,498), TOTAL RUSH p,4,1:57.8 ($61,325), etc. Yankee Cruiser p,3,1:49.3 Artiscape p,3,1:49.

    APG Sydney Lot 393

    Sydney Sale Lot 393 Filly – For A Reason X Prestigious Lombo:   Third foal of Prestigious Lombo; half-sister to Bathurst Gold Tiara Gr.1, Qld. Nursery S. Gr.1 winner AUSSIE MADE LOMBO (M) p,2,1:58.1 ($578,456; dam of 2018 WA Sales Classic Gr.1 winner SOHO INTERCEPTOR p,2,1:55.9-’17 -$150,273), YAKUZA p,1:58.3 ($266,857), TSUNAMI LOMBO p,1:55.3 ($167,617), LOMBO CRUSADER p,4,1:57.9 ($81,004), Simpson Sprint Gr.3 winner ALPINE STRIDE p,3,1:52.2 ($48,830), etc. Second dam 2010 Australian “Broodmare of the Year”, 1997 Australian “2YO Filly of the Year” and 1998 “3YO Pacer of the Year”, 1999 & 2000 Australian “Pacing Mare of the Year” TAILAMADE LOMBO p,1:55.3 ($1,354,978); sister to Australian “2YO Filly of the Year” ESPESHLIMADE LOMBO p,2,1:58.6 ($299,199), etc.; half-sister to the dam of Australian “2YO Pacer of the Year” DISCO FORCE p,1:53.8h ($268,416), etc.

    APG Sydney Lot 489

    Sydney Sale Lot 489 Colt – Bettors Delight X Charlotte Church:   Brother to Vic. Sires S. Final Gr.1, Breeders Crown Gr.2 winner WRAPPERS DELIGHT p,1:52.5-’18 ($295,884), MAXWELLS PRIDE (M) p,1:56.8-‘17 ($54,775); half-brother to SPOT ONA SHADOW p,1:54.9 ($48,227); three-quarter brother to WATCH LIST p,2,1:56.5-’17, etc. Out of WA Daintys Daughter Classic Gr.3 winner CHARLOTTE CHURCH (M) p,3,1:59.2 ($86,280); half-sister to HAPPY TOGETHER p,1:52 ($339,391), etc. Second dam a sister to VANCHENSO p,1:58.8, to the dam of WA Diamond Classic Gr.1 , WA Oaks Gr.1 winner DILINGERS REIGN (M) p,4,1:57 ($264,658), etc. and to the grandam of MAJESTIC REIGN (M) p,4,1:55 ($60,175).

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