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    Osmond, Panella and Grima complete the race for Menangle Medal Osmond, Panella and Grima complete the race for Menangle Medal

    SERIOUS CONTENDER: Taylah Osmond

     THE countdown has begun to announce the winner of the Menangle Medal. And today we announce our last there  Monthly Medal winners for 2022:... Osmond, Panella and Grima complete the race for Menangle Medal

     THE countdown has begun to announce the winner of the Menangle Medal.

    And today we announce our last there  Monthly Medal winners for 2022:

    We’ve kept you waiting long enough to learn the last three Club Menangle monthly medal winners.

    But Taylah Osmond, Grace Panella and Seaton Grima have earned their spots on the podium with some extraordinary efforts in the latter part of the year.

    They join the likes of Ashley Hart (January), Will Rixon (February), Sofia Arvidsson (March), Hannah Rixon (April), Stephanie Morris (May), Lleyton Green (June), Aleisha Bond (July), Jack Brown (August) and Lucas Rando (September) who have already been named as the winners of the first nine months’ tallies for their efforts at Australia’s No 1 harness racing track.

    The Club Menangle Medal is our annual competition to encourage and pay tribute to the efforts of the young people in harness racing and their efforts at our premier track, Tabcorp Park Menangle.

    While many of these people probably feel the long hours involved with training and working horses go unrewarded, this is a reminder that they are indeed being noticed – and by those that matter.

    Each month our judging panel at Club Menangle and National Trotguide have sifted through (and discussed) the results from Club Menangle’s meetings so we can judge the best performances of the month and acknowledge that by making them our Monthly Medal winners.

    Now it’s down to the finale with the Club Menangle Medal winner to be announced on Sunday (February 26).

    It’s been another year to savour too, with the girls more than matching the boys with several outstanding performances during a competitive year of harness racing.

    But we cannot keep it a secret any longer and the winner of the Club Menangle Medal has been chosen from the monthly winners with the final three announced today.

    Open to the newer participants in the industry each month, a winner is selected on performances at Tabcorp Park Menangle and at the conclusion of the season the Medal winner is chosen from (last year’s) 12 finalists.

    Last year’s winner, Jack Callaghan, is not eligible to win future medals to enable others to share in future spoils.

    Here’s the October, November and December winners for the year:



    TAYLAH OSMOND: Bred ‘in the purple’ and one of the up and comers in harness racing, Taylah has been making every post a winner on her limited trips to Club Menangle and has been postmarked ‘urgent’ in her rise to prominence. At just 18 years of age, Taylah already has a string of winners to her name (45 to date) and is making her mark around the south and south-western tracks of the state. There are plenty more winners on the horizon for this daughter of former representative reinsman Scotty Osmond.



    GRACE PANELLA: Here’s another young lady with harness racing blood coursing through her veins. Grace’s rise to prominent has also been quite meteoric and this 20-year-old has already cracked the century mark with almost 120 wins already in her resume. Once regarded as the ‘little sister’ of former leading driver Lauren Panella (nee Tritton), now driving in the US, Grace patiently made her way through the ranks of the mini trotters and as her confidence grew, so did her ability in the sulky and with some mentoring from people like gun horseman Darren Binskin, Grace is now meeting and beating the best on a regular basis.



    SEATON GRIMA: It always helps to have a ‘heavyweight’ stable behind you and Seaton Grima has found a willing supporter in trainer Joe Conolly and the pair have formed a lethal combination around the Sydney tracks. He’s only 19, yet Seaton is quickly closing in on the 100-win mark and admits he been able to handle some more-than-handy horses while working with one of Penrith’s leading stables. Horses like Art Tutor, Zahven Banner, Brydon Earl, Doubtless Bay and Loyalist are just some of the horses Seaton has been steering with dexterity in recent months. And there’s plenty more winners where they have come from.



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