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    Several casualties in second round of Inter Dominion rankings Several casualties in second round of Inter Dominion rankings

    READY FOR THE RACE: Stylish Memphis.

    THE second round of the TAB Inter Dominion rankings have been released, with the most notable omission from the Pacing series the scratching of... Several casualties in second round of Inter Dominion rankings

    THE second round of the TAB Inter Dominion rankings have been released, with the most notable omission from the Pacing series the scratching of Grand Circuit winner Amazing Dream, who was ranked second with the initial rankings, and Group One winner Stylish Memphis.

    Red Hot Tooth is also a noticeable absentee from the Trotting series with the announcement of her recent retirement.

    The most significant change to the rankings in the pacers division is Max Delight, who moves from 13th up to 2nd by virtue of his Grand Circuit victory in the Victoria Cup. Other notable changes are Bad To The Bone 27th to 15th,

    Burnam Boy 45th to 24th, Pump The Brakes 68th to 45th and The Stunning Nun from 73rd to 55th. It must be noted that the mentioned pacers have had standout performances since the first rankings were released.

    In line with the Pacers series, the Trotting numbers for 1st acceptances has remained very high, and although not a lot of significant changes to the rankings took place, most notable are Is That A Bid who moved from 39th to 21st, and Funky Monkey who improved from 33rd to 22nd.

    With only 36 spots in the Pacers series, and 24 positions available in the Trotting series, now is the time for horses that may be outside the cut off to press their claims before final rankings are released on Friday 19th November.

    First round fields for the Heats on Saturday 27th at Club Menangle will be drawn on Monday 22nd November.

    Second round fields for Bathurst on Wednesday 1st December will be drawn on Sunday 28th November, and the

    Final round of fields for Newcastle on Sunday night 5th December will be declared on Thursday 2nd December.

    Horse Open Gr1 State Trainer 1st Ranking 2nd Ranking
    KING OF SWING NZ Grand Circuit Champion NSW Belinda McCarthy 1 1
    MAX DELIGHT Grand Circuit Winner VIC David Aiken 13 2
    SELF ASSURED NZ Group 1 Winner NZ M Purdon, N C Rasmussen 3 3
    TRIPLE EIGHT NZ Group 1 Winner VIC Jess Tubbs 6 4
    WOLF STRIDE Group 1 Winner VIC Andy Gath 5 5
    THE BLACK PRINCE NZ Group 1 Winner NSW Roy Roots Jnr 7 6
    SEND IT Group 1 Winner NSW Brad Hewitt 8 7
    FATHER BOB Group 1 Winner NSW Mark Fletcher 9 8
    EXPENSIVE EGO NSW Belinda McCarthy 10 9
    RIDE HIGH VIC Clayton Tonkin 12 10
    ALTA ORLANDO NZ NSW Belinda McCarthy 17 11
    OUT TO PLAY VIC Emma Stewart 14 12
    PACIFICO DREAM VIC Andy Gath 15 13
    MACH DAN VIC Emma Stewart 11 14
    BAD TO THE BONE NZ NZ B Purdon 27 15
    IGNATIUS NSW James Rattray 16 16
    MALCOLMS RHYTHM VIC David Aiken 21 17
    COLT THIRTY ONE QLD Grant Dixon 22 18
    STAR GALLERIA NZ NSW Belinda McCarthy 18 19
    SAN CARLO VIC S J O’Donoghue, R K Bartley 19 20
    CODE BAILEY NZ VIC Margaret Lee 25 21
    WESTERN SONADOR VIC S J O’Donoghue, R K Bartley 20 22
    BURNHAM BOY NZ NSW Kevin Pizzuto 45 24
    MAJESTIC CRUISER NSW Jason Grimson 35 25
    ROCKIN MARTY NSW David Hewitt 29 26
    LOORRIM LAKE NSW Kevin Pizzuto 23 27
    OUR UNCLE SAM NSW Chris Frisby 26 28
    ROBYNS PLAYBOY NZ NZ S Wilson 33 29
    ELLMERS IMAGE NZ NSW Amanda Turnbull 34 30
    ZEUSS BROMAC NZ NSW Paul Fitzpatrick 36 31
    SPIRIT OF ST LOUIS NZ NSW Belinda McCarthy 43 32
    ATOMIC RED NSW Steve Turnbull 37 33
    BUNDORAN NZ NSW Amanda Turnbull 38 34
    MACH DA VINCI NZ NSW Peter Hanson 41 35
    BALRAJ NZ NSW Jack Trainor 32 36
    TANGO TARA NZ VIC Andy Gath 46 37
    SIRLETIC VIC David Aiken 28 38
    PERFECT STRIDE NZ VIC Russell Jack 24 39
    JILLIBY CHEVY VIC Margaret Lee 40 40
    LINE UP NZ NSW Darren Binskin 54 41
    BONCEL BENJAMIN NSW Jason Grimson 58 42
    WILL THE WIZARD QLD Chantal Turpin 42 43
    POCKET OF TERROR NSW Jack Trainor 44 44
    PUMP THE BRAKES NSW Sean Grayling 68 45
    BRIGHT ENERGY NSW Belinda McCarthy 47 46
    ALPINE STRIDE NSW Darren Binskin 60 47
    MAFUTA VAUTIN NSW Belinda McCarthy 39 48
    BLACKSADANCE QLD Chantal Turpin 48 49
    MISTER BRAZIL NSW Adam Ruggari 52 50
    HARJEET TAS Todd Rattray 50 51
    STAR MAJOR NSW James Rattray 51 52
    FOUROEIGHT NSW Mat Rue 49 53
    ABOUTTIME VIC Emma Stewart 66 54
    THE STUNNING NUN NZ NSW Jason Grimson 73 55
    REACTOR NOW VIC David Aiken 76 56
    ESCALERA NZ NSW Jarrod Alchin 53 57
    WRANGLER NZ SA Paul Cavallaro 55 58
    KID MONTANA NSW Rickie Alchin 56 59
    CANT REFUSE NZ NSW Corey Peterson 57 60
    I CAST NO SHADOW NZ VIC Brent Lilley 59 61
    POWER OF RED NSW J A Rando, M J Rando 61 62
    ROYAL GAMBLE NZ NSW Mark Callaghan 62 63
    RUSTY CRACKERS NSW Jason Grimson 72 64
    APHORISM NSW Chris Frisby 63 65
    MAKE MINE MEMPHIS QLD Vicki Rasmussen 64 66
    ARDEN MESSI NZ NSW Kevin Pizzuto 65 67
    SILENT MAJOR NZ VIC Aaron Dunn 67 68
    PITCH PERFECT NZ NSW Roy Roots Jnr 69 69
    SICARIO VIC Brent Lilley 70 70
    GOLDEN YEAR NSW Joe Conolly 71 71
    MAJOR OBAHMA NSW D A McDowell, K L McDowell 94 72
    KANENA PROVLIMA QLD Shawn Grimsey 81 73
    MASTER CATCH NSW Jack Trainor 93 74
    UROC SKINNY JEANS NSW Cameron Ross 74 75
    WARFARE NSW Darren Binskin 75 76
    BE HAPPY MACH VIC Emma Stewart 77 77
    LACEYS LAD NZ NSW Mark Callaghan 78 78
    MY ULTIMATE STAR NSW Jarrod Alchin 82 79
    MIGHTY FLYING DEAL NZ NSW Richard Williams 83 80
    ZIGGY ROCKS NSW KerryAnn Morris 84 81
    ROCK FISHERMAN QLD Gemma Hewitt 90 82
    ITS BACK IN THE DAY NZ VIC John Nicholson 85 83
    FIRESTORM RED NSW Steve Turnbull 86 84
    CLOUD NINE NZ NSW Jason Grimson 87 85
    MARATHON MAN NZ NZ B Purdon 88 86
    ROSSINI NSW James Rattray 91 87
    KINGMAKER NZ NSW Belinda McCarthy 92 88
    TERRYRAMA NSW Jason Grimson 96 89
    RONALDO NZ NSW Brad Hewitt 97 90
    VINCENT VAN GONE NZ NSW Kevin Pizzuto 98 91
    FEAR CRUISIN NZ NSW KerryAnn Morris 99 92
    BLACK HAWK JOE NSW Rickie Alchin 100 93
    JAZZY STAR NZ NSW Trevor Munday 102 94
    MY ULTIMATE FELLA NZ NSW Todd Day 103 95
    AMAZING DREAM NZ Grand Circuit Winner VIC Nathan Purdon 2 SCRATCHED
    STYLISH MEMPHIS NZ Group 1 Winner NZ Mark Jones 4 SCRATCHED




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