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    Star mare after some Kiwi scalps Star mare after some Kiwi scalps

    A WIN TO SAVOR: Jimmy Doulass, Wayne Honan and Anna Woodmansey with Pelosi after a Breeders Challenge win.

    AT long last we’re going to get a bit of revenge on the Kiwis. And the best part about that is that one of... Star mare after some Kiwi scalps

    AT long last we’re going to get a bit of revenge on the Kiwis.

    And the best part about that is that one of their very best, trainer Cran Dalgety, is going to help us do it.

    Queensland trainer Anna Woodmansey has sent her stable star Pelosi to New Zealand, where she will race for the next few months with races like the rich Queen Of Hearts near the top of her ‘wish list’.

    Naturally it was a tough call for Woodmansey, who only has a small team in work.

    Yet the Queensland-based trainer has consoled herself that Pelosi would be back – and indeed race on in Queensland, and possibly even NSW, before motherhood beckons in a couple of years’ time.

    “It was a bit sad – but she’ll be back after January or February,” she said.

    “We have a couple of young horses coming through and I work. So, apart from racing her around at Albion, there wasn’t much of a Tuesday.

    “And Wayne Honan was keen to send her there to race on their nice tracks.

    “She goes over there better-assessed and there’s a couple of nice races at the end of the year for her.”

    Woodmansey explained that the Honan family had a long-standing friendship with the Dalgety’s, mainly through Cran’s father Jim, who Wayne has known for many years.

    “Cran was great, he asked me to send him everything about her and I sent him a long e-mail and said ‘do what you want but this is what I’ve done with her’.

    “Apart from when she was broken in, no-one else has worked her since she started racing so I really know every little thing about her.

    “But I do miss her.

    “I asked Wayne the other day if he was missing ‘Dolly’ [her nickname] and he admitted ‘yes, I do.’

    “And we haven’t put any other horse in her yard yet.

    “She had a long trip going over, it took almost a week to get there. She’s now had a couple of swims.

    “As far as we’re concerned it’s a little bit exciting, because obviously we can’t travel down south with the COVID stuff and neither Wayne nor I wanted to send her anywhere else.

    “She probably won’t race for a few weeks yet because there was nothing for her that close.

    “Hopefully at some stage we can get over there and watch her race – and that will be fun.

    “I kind of think I’ll never get another horse as good as her, so it will be a bit of a thrill if we can get there and watch her race in another country.”

    Woodmansey says there’s a nice yearling in the stable now and Honan has bred a couple of impressive youngsters that are about to go through the sales.

    “But I actually worked another horse the other day and Wayne asked me how she went,” she said.

    “I asked him if it was some sort of punishment for me because it felt like going from driving a Rolls Royce to a Mini Minor.

    “It made us laugh, that’s for sure.”

    Woodmansey said she would love to get back to Menangle for another crack at winning the Ladyship, when things were all OK.

    “Running fifth gave me such a thrill, so I would like a return trip there, one day,” she said.
















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