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  • Trainers to strike if dispute not resolved by Tuesday Trainers to strike if dispute not resolved by Tuesday
    SOME are calling it a strike, some are referring to it as a boycott, while others aren’t giving it a name! Following a heated... Trainers to strike if dispute not resolved by Tuesday

    SOME are calling it a strike, some are referring to it as a boycott, while others aren’t giving it a name!

    Following a heated meeting to discuss the industry’s current state of affairs last night, an agreement has been made by a group of trainers to refuse to race next weekend.

    The strike comes as a result of Harness Racing South Australia’s decision to take race programs away from Globe Derby.

    HRSA made the call after the South Australian Harness Racing Club refused to heed to the ultimatum the governing body delivered last week.

    In short, HRSA believes the club’s committee is unfit to run the facility after posting massive losses for the past six years and demanded they stand down by the close of business yesterday.

    Despite having a week to answer, the club not only issued a statement 30 minutes after the deadline, it never addressed the ultimatum preferring to “throw stones back at HRSA” while reminding members of their plans to build a new Tabaret after selling parts of their land.

    Concerned the two identities “can’t put their egos aside for the sake of the sport”, trainers will undertake ‘no racing action’ as a protest.

    “The clear consensus the industry people present at the meeting voted on is contacting HRA to act as a mediator between HRSA and the club,” a trainer explained.

    “We want the mediation meeting to happen as quickly as Monday or ASAP.

    “If no information is released that mediation will be going ahead by the time noms close we will not nominate for Strathalbyn on Friday.

    “This not a ban against HRSA for moving the meetings, or to make the club’s committee quit, it is action to get the two to sort it out so the sport doesn’t keep suffering.

    “We are getting conflicting information from both sides, so someone is lying or not telling the truth.”

    As it stands, race meetings for the remainder of April have been switched to Kapunda, Port Pirie, Strathalbyn and Victor Harbor.

    HRSA has declared until the club’s committee resigns racing at Globe Derby will be “suspended indefinitely”.

    “I’m not here to support any side but I feel so frustrated watching our industry being destroyed with the participants being the big losers,” a second trainer said.

    “The industry here is already in trouble, but something needs to be done and done quickly before the damage from this is irreversible.

    “An external mediator working with the two parties to fix this is what we are hoping for.”

    There is no answer as to how long trainers are willing to strike should HRSA and SAHRC fail to resolve their differences

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    Paul Courts

    • Shane loone

      April 6, 2019 #1 Author

      A minority of trainers are willing to not rise. High profile stables were not at this meeting. I’ll nominate a team for all country meetings. HRSA are doing something to try fix this. We need to support them to get to a resolution. Working against them isn’t going to help. The reason they have taken this action is because of continued operating losses. This was not even discussed at the meeting. Build a new tavern won’t fix the problem. Learn how to run the one you have first. Provide good food with great service and people will come back. White horse inn, a similar business a stones throw away is thriving. What does that tell you.


    • Jeff Procter

      April 6, 2019 #2 Author

      I noticed the following stables represented. Gary and Danni Hill, Les Harding, Aaron Bain, David Smith, Ryan Hryhorec (via Kerry) Nick Tardio and Helen, Jill Nielson, Lance Holberton, Darren Billinger, Bronte Giorgio, Hall Racing from Pt Pirie and many smaller trainers. NOT HIGH PROFILE. Come on Shane. COMMENT HONESLY


    • Shane loone

      April 7, 2019 #3 Author

      Apologies I didnt spot Les. No statement was made on Ryan’s stance so we cant say what he is in favour of. Notice you never commented on other points. Does this mean you agree. Not wanting to race away from globe is another issue you globe trainers need to address. No one is bigger than the sport. Work together and get stronger. The industry is more than Globe derby and if run like sahrc, we wont be around for much longer. People need to worry about more than themselves. Put something in instead of take take take. Oh and as for people saying country clubs are only happy because they getting 7k races look at big picture. Them clubs have helped industry keep going and have great volunteers that keep us going, if only more people were like that. The smartest thing Mr Miller said friday night was “everyone wants to race at globe derby”. Very true him, myself, Hrsa, Botra, everyone at meeting. But it has to be profitable and in best interest of industry. If Sahrc had industries best interests at heart, then they would have responded well before the 5pm Friday deadline, not wait until 5.30pm friday when offices of Hrsa are closed for weekend and how many times did I have to ask Mr Miller, what time he replied before he gave a clear answer. Not once. Surprise. Both parties need to put clear facts out so nothing can be questioned and we need to support Hrsa to get best outcome for industry


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