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    Veteran trainer loses long battle Veteran trainer loses long battle

    TONY CHISHOLM with Jason and Paddy Lee

    COURAGE – strength in the face of pain or grief. IF THERE is one quality Tony Chisholm had in an abundance it was ‘courage’.... Veteran trainer loses long battle

    COURAGE – strength in the face of pain or grief.

    IF THERE is one quality Tony Chisholm had in an abundance it was ‘courage’.

    Having endured more heartache than any person should, Chisholm had the courage to push through obstacles as he tried to live life to the fullest.

    Sadly, that life ended this morning when Chisholm succumbed to his long battle with cancer.

    To the relief of those close to the veteran horseman he died peacefully.

    In wanting to pay tribute to the man who touched so many, it’s best to republish the below article which was written following Chisholm’s win last January, which highlights Chisholm’s courage and celebrates his maiden metropolitan triumph.

    www.nationaltrotguide.com.au extends its sympathy to Chisholm’s loved ones.


    WHEN I called Tony Chisholm this morning to discuss his win at Tabcorp Park Melton it was going to be a ‘run-of-the-mill’ report.

    But after having a chat with the horseman I realised a few things – Chisholm’s story is no basic tale; the bloke has more ticker in his pinkie than most do in their entire body; anyone who thinks they’re doing it tough should phone him as a wake-up call!

    Back to his win, Chisholm registered his initial metropolitan success as a trainer when Big Bang Leonard scored against M0 company.

    Driven by Jason Lee, the son of Art Major enjoyed the perfect one-one trip before scoring from Million Dollar Gem and Goonly.

    Paying $77.40 on the tote, Big Bang Leonard rated 1:57.4 over 2240 metres.

    “I’ve won in town as an owner, but this is my first as a trainer,” Chisholm said. “It’s great to get a win there.

    “I was more confident with him last week when he ran second than I was this time around, but he got the job done.”

    As for the conversation with Chisholm, it was difficult to hear – and that has nothing to do with the fact he talks via an Electrolarynx.

    The toughest part of the conversation was comprehending everything Chisholm has, and continues to, endure.

    For example the Electrolarynx – a battery operated machine which produces sound for you to create a voice – used by people who have lost their voice box as a result of cancer.

    First diagnosed four years ago, Chisholm, is still battling the dreaded condition.

    Having already lost his wife and a son in tragic circumstances before his cancer battle, Chisholm then lost his other son not long after his diagnosis.

    That’s where his ‘ticker’ comes into it, with Chisholm battling on and reaping the rewards of success as an owner and trainer.

    “I had to stop training for a little while because of the cancer and having a few operations,” Chisholm said. “But other than that I have been training right through.

    “The Cravens, which includes Marg Lee and her sons, have been very good to me…I can’t thank them, enough.

    “I work my horses out of their place and it was Paddy who picked when Big Bang Leonard out of the claimers for me.

    “My cancer battle is ongoing, but I’m getting along okay.”

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